Get out and fly

Zoom through the sky with more precision and control than previously possible. Engineered to simplify drone flight, pilots require less training to fly safely and capture stunning imagery across a wide range of drone uses.


Navigate the skies like an ace pilot

The FT Aviator takes the fear out of flying by simplifying the flying task with a single-handed controller and eliminating the complexity of dual-thumb controllers.

Commercial Photography + Video

Capture stunning video and photography, right out of the box

Master drone flight and professional-grade image capture with intuitive camera controls that, in many cases, could alleviate the need for a second pilot-camera operator, reducing staffing and cost.

Real Estate

Make your listings take flight

Take the complexity out of drone control and photography to ensure your team can make any property shine, as virtually anyone can capture professional-grade video and photography with the FT Aviator.


Focus on the shot, not your flight path

Eliminate the distractions of traditional drone flight with the FT Aviator so you can focus on capturing incredible footage with precise control, smooth video and unique camera controls.


Get a closer look -
safely & easily

The simplicity of the FT Aviator makes training easier, and inspections faster and safer. With little training, your team can safely fly while capturing detailed site photos, while eliminating aircraft instability common with traditional three-axis control systems.

Public Safety/First Responder

See what matters most

In an emergency scenario, it’s the details that can save lives. With the FT Aviator, you can use your drone to get exactly the information you need, with minimal training and improved safety.