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FT Aviator Drone Controller

With the intuitive FT Aviator drone controller, command the sky with more precision and control than previously possible. Pilots can pick up the FT Aviator and fly right out of the box – professionals and hobbyists alike.

Scott Parazynski and the Fluidity Tech team working on the FT Aviator drone controller prototype

Plug and play

The FT Aviator is a durable, premium grade, quick-to-assemble single-handed drone flight controller consisting of a joystick, a base and a smartphone holder.

DJI Phantom series drone works with the FT Aviator drone controller

Freedom to move

The FT Aviator drone controller precisely enables the four degrees of freedom of flight applicable to drones: forward and backward (X-axis), left and right (Y-axis), up and down (Z-axis) and turning left and right (Yaw)

Focus on what matters

The FT Aviator reduces the “cognitive workload” for drone pilots with its natural and cognitive translation of hand-to-device movement, allowing focus on the image capture, and not the mechanics of how to get there.

Fly like a pro

The FT Aviator is not prone to cross-coupling, or inadvertent movements, enabling precision flight.

Situational awareness

Situational display indicators so you always know your drone's location and orientation

Keep it safe

A connectivity status light on the display indicates active correct connection between the FT Aviator and devices.

Know where you are

This unique controller always provides visual and real-time critical situational awareness cues, guiding safe maneuvering of a drone in the event a pilot momentarily loses sight of it.

"Feel" the input

The advanced “return to zero” anti-drift capabilities and tactile feedback when commanding a motion (or not) prevents inadvertent motion inputs in other degrees of freedom.

Control your camera like never before

The controller has dedicated buttons to slow the rates of tilt control to get smoother video sequences, as well as other commonly accessed camera functions, without having to dive into multiple layers of the app

Detail view of the FT Aviator drone controller dedicated camera controls

Fly with DJI

The FT Aviator leverages the native DJI transmitter-receiver radio, which is considered very secure, with frequency hopping and other security measures.

Current compatibility includes Mavic Series, Phantom 3 & 4, Inspire 1 & 2, and Matrice Series. We will continue to work on compatibility with other DJI models as our technology and the DJI Air Force grows.

Fluidity Tech's FT Aviator drone controller works with the DJI Mavic series

Mavic Series

Mavic 2*

Mavic Air

Mavic Pro Platinum

Mavic Pro

*some camera features not supported at this time

Note: not compatible with the DJI Smart controller at this time

Fluidity Tech's FT Aviator drone controller works with the DJI Phantom series

Phantom Series

Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom 3 Pro

Phantom 4

Phantom 4 Pro v2.0

Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Advanced

Phantom 4 RTK

Fluidity Tech's FT Aviator drone controller works with the DJI Inspire series

Inspire Series

Inspire 1

Inspire 2

Fluidity Tech's FT Aviator drone controller works with the DJI Matrice series

Matrice Series

Matrice 200 Series

Matrice 600 Pro


How FT Aviator works with DJI

  1. Bluetooth connection from FT Aviator to the smartphone app, with return telemetry for display, LED status lights, etc.
  2. Wired smartphone app connection to the DJI radio (Micro-USB, Lightning, USB C), with return video and telemetry.
  3. Radio transmission of command and control from DJI radio to drone, with return data telemetry.
Diagram of how Fluidity Tech's FT Aviator drone controller connects and relays with DJI drone remotes and drones

FT Aviator Schematics

Design & engineering

Prototyping is the most fun part of the innovation process, and usually involves cobbling together duct tape, balsa wood and spare parts! In the case of our first pre-FT Aviator models – cleverly named “v1” and “v2” – we had a good idea of the general shape and basic mechanical features we wanted, so we churned out dozens of 3-D prints to get to the refined form factor and functionality we have now. We teamed with brilliant engineers at Motivo Engineering, Spark Aerial and Innovate, LLC to apply a lot of human factors know-how, and to dial in all of our advanced features into the product.