FT Aviator

Revolutionizing Drone Control

A game-changing drone controller designed by former NASA astronaut, Scott Parazynski, that will change the way you fly!

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Scott Parazynski flying with the Drone Owners Network
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A whole new way to pilot.

Using an astronaut’s perspective on intuitive motion through space, Fluidity Tech has patented a unique and intuitive drone controller that anyone, whether they’re eight or eighty, can pick up and begin using immediately.

The FT Aviator is designed to incorporate the relevant 4 degrees of freedom of movement (x, y, z, and yaw) to drone flying, eliminating the awkward interface and steeper learning curve of existing dual thumb-controlled drones. It intuitively unlocks human potential to fly and capture stunning imagery.

Intuitive, single-handed flight control eliminates the complexity of dual thumb controllers

Compatible with most DJI drones, including the Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, and Matrice series

Smooth, controlled flight, virtually eliminating aircraft instability

Situational display indicators so you always know your drone’s location and orientation

Advanced camera controls for high quality photo and video capture

Easy to use, right out of the box

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Our Story –

Meet the team bringing you a better way to fly.

  • Founded by astronaut, pilot, and physician, Scott Parazynski
  • Diverse team with proven track records
  • Decades of manufacturing experience
  • Accomplished Board of Directors and Advisory Panel