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Team Fluidity is heads down, working on cool cutting edge tech. As a result, we are currently no longer selling or supporting the FT Aviator - stay tuned for future announcements!

Fluidity Tech Issued Four New Patents for Drone Control Innovation

Award-winning drone controller stands to change Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight

HOUSTON, July 23, 2019– Fluidity Tech, a pioneer in drone control, today announced that it has been issued four new patents related to controlling motion through three-dimensional space with single-handed flight control. Each patent covers aspects of the company’s FT Aviator drone controller, which places all flight control commands into a pilot’s dominant hand, incorporating tactile and visual cues to make control more precise. Additionally, the FT Aviator makes it easier for drone pilots to acquire quality imagery with their non-dominant hand, without having to dive into multiple layers into an app like current controllers.

The intuitive FT Aviator drone controller

TheFT Aviator, the company’s first commercial product, improves precision, control and simplicity of flying drones. The patents cover the following areas:

·      The dynamic balance system for throttle control in the FT Aviator, which seamlessly adjusts altitude

·      The FT Aviator’s gimbal mechanism that gives precise control of drone movement while also providing tactile feedback to the commands being issued 

·      The product’s situational awareness display, which provides at-a-glance insight into the location and directional heading of a drone

·      The FT Aviator’s unique camera functions and controls

The patents focus on drone control but extend to other relevant environments that require motion control in 3-dimensional space, including computer gaming, VR/AR, ROVs, surgical robotics, and more.

Fluidity was founded around revolutionary design and intellectual property (IP) that enable precise mobility through 3-D space, which was at the core of the company’s initial patent.The FT Aviator has won multiple consumer electronics and industry awards and is currently on sale for $349 at https://fluidity.tech/.

About Fluidity Technologies

Fluidity Technologies is a technology innovation company focused on redefining movement through 3-dimensional space. Founded by former NASA astronaut, pilot and physician, Scott Parazynski, the company’s mission is to simplify and improve motion in an increasingly complex world. In Fall 2018, Fluidity Technologies introduced the FT Aviator, its first patented drone controller designed to dramatically increase the precision of drone flight, while tremendously simplifying it. For more information, please visit https://fluidity.tech/.