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Team Fluidity is heads down, working on cool cutting edge tech. As a result, we are currently no longer selling or supporting the FT Aviator - stay tuned for future announcements!


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Product Development

FT Aviator App: The Basics

As we prepare for our first FT Aviator shipments, we thought it might be helpful to pen a short primer on how you’ll work with


Drone Eye Candy – XPONENTIAL 2019

Tradeshow “Nerdvana”! It probably won’t come as a surprise that an astronaut-turned-drone-company-CEO self-identifies as a Nerd. As a result, walking the trade show floor at


FT Aviator Update: A Race to the Finish

Manufacturing Progress We are happy to report we are making excellent progress on the FT Aviator as we track for first shipments at end of