SpinUp 2019: Fluidity Tech Announces FT Aviator App & Firmware Updates

The Online Drone Community Spins Up! Team Fluidity attended the SpinUp 2019 event held in Austin, Texas on October 19, hosted by Kelly Shores. Kelly is a well-respected member of the online drone community, recognized for the compelling and useful drone-specific content he creates and posts on his YouTube channel, Ready Set Drone.  The event was […]

FT Aviators and #FTAviatorNation Take Flight!

“All things come to him who waits – provided he knows what he’s waiting for.” – Woodrow T. Wilson One of the greatest rewards from bringing the FT Aviator drone controller to life is customer feedback on how it unlocks the freedom of flight. Getting to this point has not been easy. We’ve had to […]

Kickstarting the FT Aviator: From Paper Napkin to Jedi Drone Controller in 10,000 Easy Steps

It’s hard to describe the unbridled elation my team and I feel getting to the finish line today, as we announce our Kickstarter drone controller––the FT Aviator drone flight controller. But it’s the first of many finish lines, as today is also the starting line for our very first product sales, and what we expect […]